Marketing Manager





  • Digital Marketing: Deep understanding of SEO, analytics, and digital marketing. Experience developing and deploying email campaigns using Klaviyo and Constant Contact.
  • Copywriting: I am an avid reader who enjoys research and writing effective sales copy. I would be very helpful developing marketing tactics and strategies. I'm also a firm believer in the use automation tools, Ai, schedulers and more.
  • Multimedia: I have over 10 years of experience in fashion and commercial photography, as well as advanced knowledge of filming and video editing. I am confident in my ability to create engaging video content that connects with customers.
  • Graphic Design: I have an impeccable attention to detail and am confident in my ability to handle multiple projects at once and report on my progress.
  • Adaptability: I am dependable, adaptable, and thrive in a high-pressure environment. I enjoy working in a quickly changing environment where priorities shift and am able to balance situations where creative interpretation and autonomy are required with those where marketing and creative directions are clearly defined.


  • Orco's official website runs on WordPress: I have been working with WordPress for over 10 years.
  • The website needs a lead capturing form/device connected to a database.
  • Blog: Creating at least one article a month would help SEO, organic ranking and authority.
  • Social media accounts need attention.
  • Video Production: Before & After, time-lapse videos, educational videos.


  • "10 Hardscaping Design Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space" (Images: Visual appeal - Inspiration)
  • "The Benefits of Hardscaping: Why It's Worth the Investment" (Numbers: Appeal to reason)
  • "Hardscaping vs Landscaping: What's the Difference and Which is Right for You?" (Contrast - Benefits)
  • "How to Choose the Right Hardscaping Materials for Your Home" (Educational)
  • "The Top 5 Hardscaping Trends for 2022" (Inspirational)
  • "DIY Hardscaping: How to Build Your Own Patio, Walkway, or Fire Pit" (Inspirational)
  • "Hardscaping for Curb Appeal: Boost Your Home's Value with These Ideas" (Appeal to reason)
  • "Sustainable Hardscaping: How to Create an Eco-Friendly Outdoor Space" (Reason & Emotion)
  • "Hardscaping for Entertaining: Create the Perfect Outdoor Party Space" (Visual & Emotion)


  • Deep market research: Problems, opportunities, target audience, competitors.
  • Develop a plan and a calendar with defined goals and milestones.
  • Social Media: Choose platforms, connect them, use a scheduler.
  • Idea: Designate a host, hostess or spokesperson.
  • Instagram: Choose the right type of account, make use of features like highlights, guides, etc.
  • Video: Make use of long and short format video.
  • Video: Showcase beautiful homes with beautiful floors, add music and inspirational speech to get people hooked on aspirational thought.
  • Other video ideas: How-to, before and after, time-lapse, videos explaining properties, features, uses.
  • Contest: Get new flooring and installation in one room if…
  • Sponsorships: Partner up with creators in the construction, interior design and DIY niches, in order to create content. Create a referral program.



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